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NEW This is Darckr version 1 !!! Many new features.

Yes, you are viewing Flickr content using the brand new Darckr version v1.18
There are many new features, including colors, shadows, backgrounds, styles, personal css handling and more.
Check the changes page for details.

... waiting for images ...

You should not wait for long. Some queries to the flickr service take longer than others. Some darckr computations take longer than others.
It is also longer when Flickr servers are very busy, which sometimes happens. Sometimes, darckr itself can be heavily loaded.
Darckr also takes some time to obtain authentication from Flickr api the first time (hence before this page showed up).
But it is rewarding to wait.
Subsequent page loads are much quicker.

In case nothing happens for too long, you may reload the page ...

Just refresh the page. Much of the successful work is stored in a cache, and will not be repeated, so it will end up working well.

You may read this too ...

You can change the way darckr displays your flicker stream using the above options (col+ ...).

Then, if you wish Darckr to remember your preferences in cookies, so you'll be happy the next time you visit, click 'remember' in the menu.

You can also fave and post comments straight from within Darckr. Try how fun it is. Click on 'comments' to do so.