This page presents the history of darckr releases, and each time lists the added functionalities or bug corrections.

Version 1.16

27 May 2008
  • add tags when commenting
  • made footer link optional in comments (defaults to 'absent'). This follows from a suggestion by Joe aka. KrisKros, thanks.
  • raised the default max display size to "Small". Thumbnail size is simply non usable and optin too complex and frightening since it requires granting access.
27 May 2008
  • new much faster web hosting
  • now using database caching
  • changed the link when posting comments
27 May 2008
  • extended the tools in edit mode.
  • promote to head of stream
  • add links
  • smoothbox view in edit mode
  • several fixes
27 May 2008
  • added smoothbox link to embed iframe views of flickr original streams.
  • improved embedding
  • several fixes
26 March 2008
quick fix release
  • corrected bug: shared header/footer copied twice in comments
  • corrected bug: comment posted twice (new mutex strategy)
  • corrected bug: incorrect 'embed' code for the page 'mine'
  • feature: added a check box 'invite to opt-in' in comments
  • feature: non authenticated users cannot see the real name any more
23 March 2008
major changes
11 March 2008
v1.00 (beta)
major changes
  • darckr is one year old, and this anniversary version presents so many improvements that it deserves a major release number! So it will be the 1.00 (beta...)
  • darckr now prevents downloading photos. I had to make this because several users (8 out of several ten thousand :-)) complained that Darckr was violating their 'no download' option, and asked for being 'blacklisted'. I use the same blank image system as Flickr does for that purpose. However, the large size can be viewed if available, like in several other flickr viewers.
  • darckr now has a "white" css theme. It can be changed using the "css" parameter. Try explore in white. Then explore in original (darckr) style (the default)...
  • darckr accepts that you customize it using css text (the "style" parameter).
  • So now, darckr has colors. Try a pink background. If you need to choose colors, one fantastic color picker is the wellstyled colorscheme generator.
  • darckr can use a backgound image... Try for instance explore with a picture of mine, which is fixed, and repeats to the right (repeat-x). (The picture is 'the earth is drying')
  • darckr has shadows. Try the explore page in white with shadows. And the same without shadows.
  • darckr has borders and bordercolors. Try the explore page in black (the default) with white borders
  • darckr now is the most user-customizable ever flickr viewer. Borders and shadows save you the burden of making your own, so you can keep your pictures 'flat' and let your viewers decide whether they want a shadow, and a border, or not...
  • Now, opening the 'options' pane does not change the page. Just click on the 'options' link in the menu, top right, and the options pane lides out. Click again for sliding it back in.
  • darckr provides 'embed codes' for all its pages. Just click on the 'embedcode' link in the menu, top right.
  • the sets history display has been discontinued, because it put too much strain on the server. It could be restored in the future if the flickr api provides accurate date information along with set lists.

Version 0.xx

21 January 2008
big upgrade
  • darckr now has a logo!
  • changed the behavior of cookies. Added a "remember" link to save current settings
  • improved the authorization management. Now, darckr remembers that you have granted him "write" permissions.
  • streaming is much nicer.
  • adding lines and colums is simplified.
  • bug in comment text when returning to the page being commented has been fixed.
1 December 2007
big news!
  • added a new search page!!!
25 November 2007
significant improvements
  • addded preloading to the single photo view
  • addded keyboard handling to the single photo view
  • improved page load speed by using a compressed mootools script
5 November 2007
major evolution
  • full handling of utf-8 encoding
1 November 2007
minor evolution
  • added handling of number of photos and their dimensions in "recent" view
31 October 2007
major new features
  • a page to track your recent activity
  • a page to list your groups
10 October 2007
minor evolutions
  • improved handling of simplified uri's ('444444 for instance)
  • corrected bug when switching to comments from group mode and the user is not yet authenticated
10 October 2007
bug fix
  • improved the menu sliding
9 October 2007
  • some software engeneering and code cleaning
  • introduced the use of Mootools - the beginning of a new era
  • menus automatically hide to leave room to pictures
8 October 2007
bug fixes
  • improved handling of titles with weird chars
  • corrected a link bug in the darckrinflickr.js script
  • corrected a page change bug in mine and username modes
2 October 2007
several big improvements
  • added streaming to both set and explore views
  • improved the grease monkey darckrinflickr.js script so it now helps viewing sets and groups gracefully
  • corrected several link bugs in set view
  • now the "sets" view does not stall any more when a user has many sets to display
14 September 2007
slight improve
  • added a blacklist to allow for filtering out the users asking so
  • improved handling of a set user
14 September 2007
major improve
  • added a single photo page
3 September 2007
major changes
  • Now streaming and preloading is available for "username"
  • Improved the behaviour of "username" wrt. the cookie storing the most recent username
  • Improved the options menu
1 September 2007
minor editorial changes
  • Improved the welcome page presentation
  • Improved the html meta tags
  • Corrected bug in the options menu
5 July 2007
important new functionality
  • Added auto next page load simply by reaching the bottom of the page
  • Added the possibility to partially edit image properties
    • Make a photo public
    • Make a photo private
27 June 2007
important new functionality and bug fixes
  • Added the possibility to browse several pages
  • Added separate count/num settings per selected image size
12 May 2007
important new functionality and bug fixes
  • display the sets for a given user. Sets are presented in a calendar way, the date considered being the taken date of the first picture in the set. This hence reflects the history of a stream, and is wonderful to share pictures with friends and family.
  • corrected bug when choosing "comments" in username mode for the first time
  • added "permalinks" page : links that you can copy and share with friends.
15 April 2007
bug fixes and improvements
  • add tags to your own photos (the api does not allow tagging other people's pictures)
  • corrected bug that redirected you to the welcome page when reauthenticating
  • lists your contact's photos in reverse order when commenting
  • improved response times by using Ajax
  • correct handling of UTF-8 characters
  • hides already commented photos
  • auto refresh of the post comments page, and better handling of the pending comments. It is now fully automatic.
3 April 2007
quick fix
  • adds help tooltips to the menu and options
2 April 2007
many improvements
  • now using the domain "" (the free hosting was down too often)
  • added a page to display your own photos
  • added support to search preferences
  • added quick options menu below the main menu
  • cleaned the welcome page and moved items to auxiliary pages
  • added a "help" page (although a bit "raw" for the moment)
  • added support for different authentication levels
  • AND added the possibility to comment photos from within darckr
  • ... and you'll see the rest
16 March 2007
compatibility issue fix
  • this version makes the comment ABOVE comments script compatible with QuickComment
15 March 2007
minor changes + second grease monkey extension
  • extended the limits for picture display count, hopefully respecting the flickr api rules
  • added a grease monkey script to display a clone of the comment form just below the picture. This is very handy as you'll see.
  • improved the download page to add links to required software
  • cleaned a few things
8 March 2007
improved version + grease monkey extension
  • added nsid handling for username pages
  • added download page for grease monkey script
  • created a grease monkey script to directly access Darckr from Flickr
3 March 2007
improved version
  • added full parameter set for the contacts page
  • added author names in photo tooltips
2 March 2007
improved version
  • added "changes" page
  • moved menu position on top of page
  • added tooltips giving photo names
  • added support for various image formats in all pages
  • internal improvements and bug corrections
26 February 2007
slight update
  • added support for various image formats in username page
  • internal improvements
24 February 2007
  • initial version of welcome page
  • initial version of contacts page
  • initial version of explore page
  • initial version of unsername page