Darckr, your Flickr Viewer and Tool

Darckr is a free tool for displaying and acting upon Flickr images. Darckr uses the flickr api to retrieve data and hence cannot let other people view unauthorized content. By default darckr displays photos at a size that cannot exceed "Small" (240 pixels). Unlike other viewers, Darckr uses "opt-in" to grant access to larger sizes. If you think this is not enough, or on the opposite wish to opt-out go to "http://darckr.com/optin" to set up your preferred visible size. In both cases, you will have to grant darckr access to your stream to authenticate, so that he knows who you are. Right after if you do not wish to take advantage of the stream management features of darckr you may revoke the permission from your accounts page.

Oh, and Darckr will automatically display your photos beautifully by adding drop shadows (and borders of course if you like).

They use darckr:

Darckr: a Flickr Tool

Darckr will let you perform one click basic edition of your stream: promote a picture to the head of the stream, add permalinks (view large etc...), set privacy options.

Darckr can be used to post comments without going from page to page, in username, contacts and the unique recent view (that sorts people according to their contribution on your stream).

These features require that you grant write access to darckr on your stream. This will never reveal your private content to anyone but you. What people see on darckr cannot be more than they see on flickr.

Give a try?

(use a name or a flickr id ...@N00)
(use a name or a flickr id ...@N00)
(Here, 'the world through my eyes')
(use the number at the end of a set link)
(use the number at the end of a photo link)

These are only a tiny subset of all the possibilities. For new features and improvements: check the changes page.

Random Creative Commons Explore with Darckr

With Darckr, your Flickr Stream IS a Photo Gallery

Darckr is a streaming flickr viewer that will turn your Flickr Stream to as many sharable photo galleries as you like. Try for instance viewing the explore page on Darckr, going from page to page simply by dragging the mouse down the page and changing presentation options: size, number, number of columns, etc. Darckr lets all his users change all options accordingly to their own taste. Every option is available in a click and Darckr will remember your preferences in cookies if you click "remember".

If you are a Flickr user and have granted access to Darckr, you can view your own photos, or a gallery of your contacts photos, and if you're a friend or family view full contents of other people streams. Try the authors stream for instance ;-). Note that Darckr presents, but in no case copies your pictures. They remain on Flickr and other users see only what they are entitled to. Of course, you see your own private photos.

With Darckr: nothing to download, nothing to install, no gallery software to upload by ftp, no php enabled server. To illustrate this, below is an embedded streaming view of a flickr search for creative commons pictures tagged with "sunset" sorted by descending interestingness, and picked randomly within the top 500.

Darckr helps you in your (Flickr) Social Life

Darckr aims at saving time in your Flickr life. You can post comments on your contacts photos or fave them in a snap (you can also do it on your own and add tags). Most of your activity in the session (the comments you posted and faves you made) will be recorded. You can also edit photo parameters (visibility).

You can also share permalinks to your Darckr stream for instance to publish your most interesting photos as a Darckr gallery. Feel free to explore the possibilities offered by the top menu. There's a whole world to discover!

For instance: Darckr offers you the possibility to view only your public photos, or only your non private photos. That way you know what your stream looks like to the entire planet without having to logout from flickr.


Darckr was initially designed to simply build a black web page that would honour my Flickr contact's photos, and that I could use as my welcome web page in my browser. I like viewing photos on a black background, so this is the default appearance of Darckr (and hence explains its name)...

What most strongly hit me when I first joined Flickr was the incredible beauty of other people's photos. So, yes I publish some of mine, but what I like to see most are the ones from my contacts, or the ones from explore. Beauty of pictures and beauty of feelings combine to deliver a unique and strong message.

Photography lies in between the material and immaterial patrimony of humanity, and the flickr initiative surely offers an opportunity for each of us to survive himself by leaving drops of beauty for the future. What strikes me in the way members use this, is the positive, peaceful, and objective way they view and share their world.

Photography needs light. So the name "Darckr" is "negative" only in the sense of paper photography. It helps revealing the beauty of light and colors captured by your "positives".


Darckr is free of use (in the sense of "free beer"), and I'm happy to offer the fun of it to the flickr community.

Darckr can be used without warranty of any kind. Don't worry however, no operation requires "delete" permissions, and I'm using it for myself ;-).

Darckr is meant to smoothly augment its functionalities over time. There are a bunch of things I'd like to do;-) if I can (since this is not my main occupation at all, and photo is a hobby). I can be contacted via flickr mail, or using laurent.henocque at gmail.com. Please accept that I may be unavailable from time to time :-).