Brief presentation

Darckr pages are presented in four sections:

It is harmless to try all menu options. Some of them will require you to authenticate with Flickr. Eventually, if you don't have a Flickr account, it will propose you to create one, which you may or not accept after seeing what it amounts to.

Read and Write permissions

To use all the features in Darckr, you'll need to have a flickr account, and to let Darckr authenticate, which is harmless since it does not require delete permissions.

Darckr does not ask for delete permissions.

Saving HOURS OF YOUR FLICKR LIFE with comments

All picture display modes allow you to post comments on the photos. To do this, just select "comments" on the option line, just below the menu. Below are a number of relevant hints:


Darckr is also good for sharing beautiful and end user customizable views of your Flickr stream.
Copy and share the links in the "permalinks" mode.

Helper scripts

Darckr comes along with a Grease Monkey script that allows to access the darckr page for any flickr user directly from within flickr. The script adds a menu option "Darckr" to your pages. A second script duplicates the "add comment" form inside picture pages, so that one instance is just below the picture, and you don't have to scroll down the entire list to adda comment. Scripts can be obtained and installed from the download page, and require both Grease Monkey itself and Firefox.


Darckr uses cookies to remember your preferences over time (number of images, of columns, default username), so you'll have to allow them in your browser.