First of all, Darckr exists thanks to the magic of Flickr.

Darckr now has a wonderful logo, by Anatol_37

Darckr uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.

All displayed photos are owned by their authors even though provided via Flickr are subject to specific copyright. It is your responsibility to not violate such copyright.

Darckr is also a simple phpflickr application (thanks to Dan Coulter).

Darckr uses the wonderful Ajax Php scrip AjaxAgent (thanks to Steve Hemmady and Anuta Udyawar).

Darckr uses the fantastic javascrip api MOOTOOLS as well as Smoothbox

Finally I'm the author, Laurent Henocque, a happy flickr user, and a happy darckr user too ;-). I am also laurent henocque on free. There, you'll see that I'm also a researcher involved in the semantic web, which naturally induces interest in web services, as the Flickr api implements, and a lecturer in man machine interfaces, who needs to update his knowledge in new MMI paradigms, as java script and web interfaces and mashups are.